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Excel計Standard Deviation的錯誤(What’s the mistake of Excel on calculate Standard Deviation?)

上一篇文章出現錯誤,多謝QUBY的提醒及指出錯誤。Thanks for QUBY to mention the mistake on the previous paragraph.以下是正確方法。Here is the Real Method.正確的方式應該包括Mean係計Standard Deviation入面。而經常性的錯誤為在輸入時並不包含Mean在內。請大家小心。

點係excel計Standard Deviation?(How to calculate Standard Deviation in Excel?)

1. 首先將你的滑鼠放到你希望Standard Deviation出現的地方,然後按下Function Wizard (fx)。1.Place the cursor where you wish to have the standard deviation appear and click the mouse button. Now move the cursor to the Function Wizard (fx) button and click on it. 2. 此時將出現一個程式選項,選擇左方選擇統計,右方選擇STDEV。(注意:如果你的數據是人口,請選擇STDEVP)2.A dialog box will appear. Click on Statistical...