若你像石先生那樣,每天需要使用 Buffer 為 Fans Page 進行發佈排程,而數量多於十篇的話,那麼從今天開始工作量將會倍增。因為 Buffer 剛剛配合 Facebook 的新建議,把預設排程發文的時間設限在十次以內,也就是說你最多只能夠排程十個時間。

像石先生這樣,每天需要為 Engadget 中文版排程,而發佈數量又多於十次的話,未來只能夠使用人手發佈而不能再使用預設的時間排程,也就是說要不離開 Buffer,要不就乖乖的手動發文吧!煩嗎?這確實很煩,因為此改變意味著一切的發文將需要更改為手動發出。

當然,若你發文少於 10 篇,那就不受此改動影響了!向 Buffer 查詢得到的回覆原文如下:

更新:Buffer 表示由於收到太多客戶投訴,現已更改為每天 24 篇,謝天謝地。(原文如下)

Hi there,

Thanks so much for writing in! Yes, we’ve just introduced that limitation due to a recommendation from Facebook to limit daily posting. We’ve been working with them lately on this and they actually recommend 5 per day as the limit, but 10 is really the upper limit that they allow without decreasing the reach of your posts. If you visit the “Schedule” tab and decrease the daily posts to 10, that should allow you to send normally.

I know this is a change and can be frustrating. We’re trying to make sure that Facebook continues to display your posts to your friends and fans. Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help in any way!


Hi there,

Thanks so much for going back and forward with us on this one. We have during the course of this weekend decided to up the limit to 24 after a lot of customer feedback. If you go in and make sure you don’t have more than 24 time slots for each 24 hour period you should not bump into any more troubles.

For example:
-You start posting at 8am on Monday, you then have 24 time slots available between 8am Monday until 8am Tuesday.

Does that make sense? Keen to have Buffer working smoothly for you again!

All the best,


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